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BodyEvolver brings
fitness professionals
and clients

closer together


Imagine everything that matters in one place?

  • Body Composition Data on each client: Measurements, Body Comp, Risk Factors

  • Assessment and performance tracking 

  • Client Programs (replaces paper program card for both 1 on 1 training and online consulting)

  • Nutritional Consulting Made Easy

  • Tutorial videos on every page accelerate your learning. 

No-tech overwhelm with intuitive step-by-step client forms with help on every page.

When you take action now, you’ll get access to a library of webinars, seminars and fast-start tutorial videos. Plus, get all the Bonus features including:

  • Trainer and Client guides

  •  Measuring Guide

  •  Mobile Kit

  •  5 Pillars to Client Success

  •  Group Training Profits packet

  •  Plus more...

Deliver an exceptional service.  Talk with a BodyEvolver professional today.

The Solution You've Been Looking For

we'll show you how

Body Comp tracking made Easy
Body Check report with heat maps and before/after photo )
Medical intake
Easy Fill-in forms
Predictive goal analyzer
Predictive Goal Wizard
Printable easy-to-understand reports 
CRM to organize & email clients
Free training webinars
Live help account manager 
Video guides with lots of tips
webinars and seminars included in the library

And so much more ... 


Assessment & Performance Tracking
100% Customizable for each client

Body Comp Tracking


Collect and track any method of Body Composition:

We'll collect and track your preferred method of Body Composition! 

From skin-fold (Math is done automatically for you) to the simple Umbilicus circumference method (Great for online video consulting... we show you how) and everything in between! 

You name it, you can track it! Bod-Pod, InBody, BEI, Hydrostatic, DEXA ... any method know to man-kind)

We provide tutorial videos on how to explain the results your clients get!  This is an educational resource you don't have to pay extra money for.  All at the tip of your fingers.


Assessment and Performance Tracking

Custom for each client. Assessing a client's baseline is simple, easy and flexible. Assess what is both important to you and to them, then track their progress. The more touch points you collect on all your clients, the more opportunity you’ll have to show them the value of your service as they make progress.

The impact this has on retention is huge!

When you clearly identify "return on investment" to your client by showing them the progress they have made while training with you ... it drastically improves retention.

When your retention is excellent, your client makes even more progress. The more progress your clients make, the more referrals you get. 

Fast-Track your income by focusing on results 

 3 R's:  Results / Retention / Referrals

Nutrition Consulting Made Easy

No need for a specialty certification either!  #BONUS

This behavior based model is simple to use with everyone.

When 70 to 80% of weight loss is accomplished in the kitchen, you need a simple approach to helping your clients take action.

Work within your scope of practice and add nutritional consulting to your training and coaching practice. The “Weight Loss Goal Wizard” helps demystify intake and expenditure. It’s the simplest approach in helping clients understand how they will reach their goals. Watch how this changes your client's perspective instantly.

No need for a specialty certification. 

When clients experience this easy-to-understand format, it gives them the control the seek. We’ll show you how to do this in 4 easy-steps.

As a Fitness Professional, it's our belief that you're leaving HUGE opportunity on the table if you are not adding nutrition consulting to your training practice.  We make it easy and bulletproof. (backed by science)

Break down weight loss and how it works, in a way that everyone can understand. We make that easy with our Weight Loss Goal Wizard. … and the best part, you don’t need another certification to use it. You just need a system that makes it easy and virtually automatic for you. 

You'll instantly be able to provide clarity like never before. Clients love it. It literally changes the way they think!  We will show you how. Super easy and fun!

Program Card Section

“Online Programs Cards” - remove paper and filing cabinets.  Whether on the fitness floor, at a client's home, or when both you and your client are on the road ... Everything now lives in the cloud for easy access and management.

Post your Programs, update them from anywhere. Post images, videos, Our 100% flexible Online Editors allow you to post as many programs as you can make for your clients.

Use the system as a Membership Site and provide a private login for each client with your branding.

This client portal gives your client access to their program and stats. Whether 1-on-1 training or online consulting, you'll provide a professional service for anyone, anywhere. 

Give clients their own login to access their progress charts and program. You can even email eachother through the system, making communication simple and easy.

Safe and Secure ... so they can follow your program wherever they are.

Get instantly professional while expanding your reach with this easy-to-use, turn-key solution

Start Managing your business from anywhere


This system was designed to accelerate the growth of your training business 
by turning your clients' goals into reality.

“When your clients succeed, so do you.”

Manage client assessment data, post programs and track client progress like never before. 
All from the tip of your fingers on any device connected to the Internet.

Simply, your passion matched with a little internet technology! It couldn’t be easier!

Let’s get to work ... it will be fun!

With so many people that need your help, how could you not prosper.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Our Enterprise Level products are designed to leverage database technology throughout your organization.
Custom Data Reporting and analytics are available. It's designed to transform your business by empowering you with meaningful reports that simplify trainer / client follow-up.  Serve your clients exceptionally well, today!