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Empowering your clients to make change.
By Mike DAngelo

Client empowerment is a major part of our job. If we don't empower them, they do not change. If they do not change, we are out of a job.


Regardless of how great our training programs are, at the end of the day if you are unable to get them actively engaged in the process, you'll quickly lose them


We all know what I am talking about. Who knows what's going on inside their head. Most of the time it is a lack of belief in themselves.


THESE Results ARE Typical ~ NEW ~ Scientific Research
By Mike DAngelo

New Research: Weight Loss ... and Maintenance of Weight Loss

In this blog you will learn about 2 published research studies every personal training and health club owner should know.


1. During the 6 Month Weight Loss Study:

  • 1,269 pounds of fat was lost
  • 279 pounds of muscle gained

2. The following 9 Month Weight Maintenance Study:

  • The progress continued
  • Remarkable

Who, What, Where, When, How:

Dr. Westcott is an exercise science icon and one of my personal heroes in this Industry.

His life’s work has been nothing short of massive when you consider 30 plus years of dedicated research, quite a few books, a lifetime of published research, tons of articles and tens of thousands of questions answered. I can guarantee if you know anything about fitness and resistance training, Dr. Westcott’s work has been a large part of what you've learned, including what you studied when you got certified.



How to drive Summer business:
By Mike DAngelo

What to do when business is slow


Mid-summer is often the slowest time of year for most health Clubs and personal trainers. This may leave you feeling like you are not in your control, and you are subjected to seasonality (I think I made up that word) and that kind-of stinks. This is particularly true for those who do not have systems in place to ensure summer business does not drop off.

If this sounds familar, here is a proven strategy that always worked for me.

Priority # 1: Deeply focus on the clients you currently are serving. (Text them to remind them to eat clean over the weekend, or to drink more water, remind them you are going to weigh them in!)

Priority # 2: Schedule yourself an hour or so to update every single clients file you have in th...

Client Intake + Management = Accelerated Growth
By Mike DAngelo

Retention made easy with automatic organization.

This new approach will leave you asking if a better way exists: Client Intake + Management = Accelerated Growth
In the last six months, we have witnessed an amazing correlation between: 1. Increased collection and management of client intake and 2. An increase in monthly training revenue.

Does your fitness business need a new approach?
By Mike DAngelo

Does your fitness business need an upgraded approach?

Imagine serving your clients so well, they would never consider training anywhere else?

A solution that help you do this exists, but nobody is going to tell you about it.

If you own or manage a personal training business, whether one studio / gym or multiple locations and are not sure how to ensure growth as time marches on ... keep reading.

To survive in today's competitive market, you need tools to help you sell your services, as well as plug the leaky bucket of clients leaving your program ... affectionately referred to as retention.


Trainer Education in Boston - (Sat May 19th)
By Mike DAngelo

Trainers in New England -


CEU Trainer Education - Boston May 19th Saturday 1-5 (Next Weekend)

Anchor Point Training Workshop

Location: Clientel3 364 Boylston St. Boston, MA 02116

Bonus: Walk with $200 in Anchor Point Training Gear … yeah, you read that correctly.


Should I laugh or cry?
By Reynaldo Lacdoo

What do you know?

Whenever I hear individuals or companies say “Oh no, we don't assess clients. Our clients don’t like that and we don't want them to feel bad.” I find myself stuck between wanting to both laugh and cry for them.

Fitness Professionals today need a show their value. Some of you reading this, probably, and hopefully do assess your clients. Quite a few of your do not re-assess as deliberately as you could. Trust, motivation and delivering results is your competitive advantage.

But sadly, many don't know what they don’t know. The comfort zone of choosing not to take assessing as a simple and critical part of the process results in a lack of opportunity for all.

All of you know something about what I am about to d...

The Decline of Human Health
By Denessa Bacallan

The Decline of Human Health

Understanding the coorelation between blood pH and disease is incredibly simple. Let me share what I am learning.

Human health is in massive decline for good reason. If you are not familiar with the material in this article, consider it a wake-up call.

If every Fitness Professional understood this and communicated it to every training client ... we would accelerate improvements in health and decrease disease instantly.

The majority of the food and marketing Industries are literally, consciously and unconsciously, poisoning humans. That is why human health is in massive decline.

Unfortunately, that means everyone is a victim here and few understand where to turn. Most Doctors do not understand this, and I have trained plenty in Boston, ma...

"The future belongs to those who truly serve their customers."

Be so relevant and meaningful to your clients, that they never leave your program. 

We simplify this for you. Once you see it, you will instantly understand why it works so well.