9 Guidelines for Trainer - and how to instantly accelerate growth
By Mike DAngelo

9 Guidelines for Trainers - and how to instantly accelerate growth

According to Goggle: The definition of Guideline is: A guideline is a statement by which to determine a course of action. A guideline aims to streamline particular processes according to a set routine or sound practice. By definition, following a guideline is never mandatory. Guidelines are not binding and are not enforced.

These Strategic Guidelines are for any Fit Pro, Trainer, Coach that when implimented will accelerate the growth their Fitness business. Whether you are a trainer, or if you hire trainers you should do these things to make accelerating the growth of your business easy. Today is the first day of the rest of your life and it is never too late to build your business. Plug these proven methods / guidelines into your business now and reap the benefits.

These are PROVEN to work. Consider these if you intend to do be around in this Industry for a while!


1. Reach out to ALL clients who you’ve trained in the last year:

If you do this from day 1 and all that info is organized, you'd have a detailed list you could refer too. Hopefully you've been doing this one way or another, if not, get crackin'!!! This is step #1.

Show all your former clients some love. Let them know your thinking about them. It's very easy to re-sell someone who knows, likes and trusts you. Hopefully you have personal and detailed info on each of them. When you've got this, you have all the ammunition you need to reach out in a personal way, with little effort and make an impact on them! Just letting people know you're thinking of them is always great for business.

In our book, it’s always a good time to check in on former clients.

If you are shy about doing this … then … Stop being so selfish! Yes, you’re being selfish, they probably still need your help!

Even reach out to the ones you know can’t train with you right now. Stay in contact regardless, they are still part of your clientele. You must assume they will come back to you … or at least refer you to their friends because you are so awesome!

Maybe they’ll hit you up in 6 months or a year. Building a personal training practice is about serving customers when they need your help. Clients will come and go in and out of your program. By staying in contact with all of them in some capacity, you leave the door open for them to come back

2. Re-evaluate current clients:

Put the hammer down on the customers you have right now. They are your bread and butter. Double down on their results. The power of re-evaluating progress is astounding. Whether you show progress … or even lack of progress … both motivate clients to take more action. For REAL! Trust me!

Accountability on goals is gold. This will keep them focused with your help. Motivate and inspire them to be consistant. Believe in them. In order for this to work in your favor, you need to be constantly updating and reminding your clients on where they are in relation to achieving their goals.

In fact, your clients crave you to do this for them. When you do, they succeed.

3. Evaluate every potential new client and collect all the data you can:

Collect their data, seek to understand and use that data and goals to sell them the outcome they want. The more you know about a person (Their Goals, Motivations, Limitations, Challenges) the easier it is to sell them the results they want. Collect this critical personal info on everyone even if you know they won;t buy. Love them up anyway. Chances are, with the right follow up they will buy from you tomorrow.

No Data … No Foundation … No Business. This is a critical mistake many don’t understand and completely overlook. This is becasue no one is talking about this! You should have one strategic platform to collect personal health data and info for the short and long haul.

Organizing the personal details of each client and tracking their history with you, is the best business decision you can make.

As you grow your business and go from 10 client to 20 clients, or 50 clients to 100, or 500 to over 1,000 clients, you are going to want a centralized data platform. This literally gives you Superpowers to impact each and every client in a personal way. This is how you start and nurture the relationship.


4. Set Specific and Measurable Goals:

You need a simple way to set specific goals for your clients. This will keep them motivated and involved with the process and keep them consistent.

Give them an estimated time of completion. Doing so makes it easier to hold them accountable while keeping them motivated.

Clients appreciate when you hold their feet to the fire. Doing so becomes your most powerful tool.

Having as track record of client success is the simple and bulletproof way to get referrals. The shift in energy within your clients rubs off on their friends and family and next thing you knoiw you're getting referrals. Show clients a better vision of themselves. Then show them the easy steps to get there. Doing this builds trust.

Trust in your skill in bringing them to their goal.

5. Constant Communication:

To keep clients engaged mentally and reach out via e-mail / text to comfortably hold them accountable to THEIR goals. (Obviously, with a lot enthusiasm and shenanigans). Set 15 minutes aside, say 4pm on Friday, shoot every one of your clients a text and say: " Hope you have an awesome weekend! Eat super clean casue your worth it and get in your homework. In fact, text me after you get in your workout on your own on Sat to let me know! Thanks!"

It's even fun to throw in ... Can't wait to weigh you in on Tuesday! Whoop Whoop! Clients love this kind of attention. And if your anything like me, you love giving this kind of attention, why... becasue you know how well it works in getting your clients attention in "Gettin' it done!"

Encourage them in such a way that they not know want to do good for themselves, but also for you.

6. Set Dates for Re-assessments:

It has been said “The job gets done in the allotted time given.” If kids in High School didn't have dates their homework was due, do you think they would get it done? When you let the re-assessments slip by, you're also allow the accountability to slip as well. This is a BIG MISTAKE!

Not addressing this leaves you powerless with little to motivate and strive for. Bottom line: This is a dysfunction approach. This positions you poorly. You will always looking for new clients because you are not driving your currently client to the results they want.

And if your not tracking it ... what are you doing? Guessing? I hope not!

Clients are motivated by two things:

  • Seeing progress and ...

  • Not seeing progress. (Yes, I said that)

When they don’t see progress … they get disappointed in themselves. Not you!

They may fret to re-assess, but once they see the data outside of their own skin … it re-frames their perspective … and when motivated by your enthusiasm ... makes it easy to get them engaged and re-committed.

Of course, they go nuts when they see progress. All you have to do at that point is set new goals.

7. Re-occurring Appointments:

Offer time slots for each client that works for both of you and get them to commit to a time slot week after week, month after month. Get everyone on re-occurring appointments. This is what is best for both your schedules. The more structure you can deliver to them the better. Nothing is a greater waste of time than constantly going back and forth about training appointments. This lack of structure makes it easier for a client to bail, and we don't want that

Beginning of every month, set the entire schedule for everyone. Get each client to confirm to their schedule for the next month. You should know 4 weeks out iof they are going way on vac tion. This tip stabilizes every trainer who impliments it.

It is inefficient otherwise and “ain’t nobody got time for that!” You are wasting a tremendous amount of time constantly scheduling clients for differant times each week, or worst yet, saying, I'll text you for appointments next week. WHAT? No, no, no! That is not a solid program everyone can depend on. Consistancy is key.

Flying by the seat of your pants with you appointments is not Professional. You need to be able to project income, see the holes in your schedule and fill them in a heartbeat when opportunity strikes.

Stop leaving money on the table being wishy washy about your schedule and your availability.

8. Set Expectations with Fun, Enthusiasm and Joy

Getting into great shape should be fun. By shining a light of fun, enthusiasm and joy into the picture, it raises the vibration of the interaction and that always leaves people better than you found them, including yourself. So keep it positive and have fun! This is approach support healthy life change.

When they can feel your enthusiasm and joy for what you do and how you share that with them, it makes them step up to the plate on what they bring into the equation. YOU are going to help them get there quickly and it is going to be fun. In a sneaky, yet delivberate way, this also helps get "buy in" from the client and simplifies the sale. Be crystal clear about what is going to happen and be confident in their ability to make it happen. … your confidence in them assists them in their expectation of themselves.

9. Quality Service:

Being organized and presenting yourself Professionally through the process gives you a competitive advantage. The best news is thanks to technology this is all very easy. And believe me, it never used to be, it used to takes hours a week to do this and now it takes minutes, and in some cases seconds.


Filing cabinets are so old school. Technology simplifies this nightmare.

When you lack systems to keep you organized intelligently ... you spend more time trying to manage chaos and end up getting no where. Opt-in below for more information if we can assit you implimenting thes eguidelines into you business instantly. Whether you are a trainer, or the manager of trainers, these guideline will deeply impact your business.

Mike D'

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