Best Assessment and Sales Protocol to consider

By Mike DAngelo

Best Assessments and Sales Protocol for the General Fitness Market - Brought to you by BodyEvolver

We took a poll of Fitness Professionals who have a track record of success. These assessments are simple, easy and address varying aspects of the fitness equation. These best assessments do not require any additional certifications. Those who do them succeed... and they have the data to back it up the success.

If you are not creating a track record of success, success will be illusory.

Here are the Steps Broken Down:

Step 1: Document client data the day you meet them ... and of course BRING THE FUN!

Step 2: Manage the "personal" with enthusiasm and joy. (This spurs client inspiration)

Step 3: Re-assess data points to show success is happening. (You don't need to re-assess every goal. Just be sure to show some progress and hold yourself accountable to assisting them in achieving more)

Industry Best Practice is to assess your clients upon your initial meeting. Document the results, then use the info to inform and educate clients of risk factors and identify what actions need to be taken to improve their health and wellness.

Set a specific date in within 4 to 6 weeks to re-assess a few of these to show them progress towards their goals. Schedule consistent reassessment dates to hold yourself and your client accountable to making the progress that results in retention and referrals. This is the #1 way to build your business by positively impacting retention.

When you show clients clear and definitive progress it keeps them engaged. Scheduling these reassessment dates are critical to your success.

We encourage you to assess other markers that are of interest and applicable to you and your training methods as well as anything that is important to the client that is not listed here. That will help you motivate your client by showing them progress on what is important to both of you and inspire them to continue to make progress.

This accountability will increase client results dramatically, therefore impacting client retention.

Goals and Motivations are specific client touch points:

Do not skip documenting these the day you meet them. This is a huge mistake, so write it down, you will not remember everything for every client.

Before getting to the below assessment protocol, every goal, motivation, frustration and challenge is a personal touch point for that specific client. Documenting as many of these as possible makes it easy to stay focused on what is important to that client. By making them easy and quick to reference inside BodyEvolver in the coming weeks, months and years, the easier it is to stay focused on what is personal to each client. When you do this with precision, clients feel the love. The love they feel works like a magnetic tractor beam to you.

Be sure to document as many of these personal touch points on each client within the system. When you pull your reports, you will have instant access to all of it and we are finding that THIS IS CHANGING THE GAME WHEN IT COMES TO SERVING YOUR CUSTOMERS SO WELL, THEY NEVER LEAVE. The technology makes this possible and it literally gives you Superpowers.

Then run through the assessment protocol below.

Here is how it works: Results = > Retention = > Referrals

Assessment Guidelines for General Population


Dynamic Warm-up designed to increase blood flow, heart rate and movement patterns to lower risk of injury while performing the appropriate assessment below, plus any other assessment that are important to you or your client that are not listed..

Assessment Protocol - Best Practices (Things to consider)

Assess a minimum of 7, preferable all if appropriate)

Instructions: "Do your best on each assessment. Never push yourself to a point of overexertion or beyond what you think is safe for you."

Weight Loss Clients: (Be sure to tell your clients: "It is not the fat the matters, that can come and go in heartbeat. It is the lean mass which fuels metabolism.")

_____ % Body Fat (Your preferred method) and circumferences - BodyEvolver will figure out Hip to waist ratio, Lean Mass, Fat Mass, Metabolic Rate ... etc and track progress automatically.

_____ Clothing Size - Document clothing size for those motivated by fitting into a smaller size.


_____ Sit and Reach - Distance reached in inches

Trunk Flexion Test -

This video demonstrates how to perform a trunk flexion evaluation. After performing the trunk flexion evaluation, the member can record his or her results in the evaluation section of

Mobility /Stability / Function:

_____ Bird dogs while stabilizing spine in neutral position. Score scale 1 - 10 Segmentally move hips and shoulders to see if they can stabilize spine.

Bird Dogs (Quadruped)

This video is a great core and spinal stability exercise

_____ Elbow Plank with Hip Tuck Measured for Time

Plank on elbows till form breaks. Hips should be tucked under and glutes should be contracted to do this properly.

_____ Mobility Squat Facing Wall: 12 inches from wall - rate on scale 1 - 10

  • Hands on wall, measure depth of hips

  • Head hits wall (kyphosis or collapse)

  • Knee hits wall, can’t keep weight on heels (Ankle mobility)

  • Document observations in the notes section for future reference.

Wall Squat Drill

  • Zach Forrest of the CrossFit Level 1 Seminar Staff uses the wall squat drill to help an athlete develop his squat.

____ Stand to Supine to Stand - AMRAP 1 Minute: Score number of times client can go from standing position to Prone Position on floor (Lay on back) and back to standing position in 1 minute. (Ultimate display of real-life function and great for clients who are older or who move poorly)

Strength / Conditioning:

_____ Hand Release push-ups in 1 minute: This standardizes the exercise for everyone. Nobody can cheat. This one is my personal favorite.

Hand-Release Push-Up | Exercise Guide

Learn how to do a hand-release push-up Type: Strength Main Muscle Worked: Chest Other Muscles: Abdominal, Shoulders, Triceps Equipment: Body Only Mechanics ...

_____ Goblet squat till failure 45kg Men 35kg Women- or appropriate weight based on client level

How to Goblet Squat

Uploaded by Men's Health on 2017-02-14.

_____ Pull-ups, chin over bar till failure

Pullups - Back Exercise -

For more exercises: Add this back exercise to your back workout! Grab the pull-up bar with the palms facing forward using the prescribed grip. Note on grips: For a wide grip, your hands need to be spaced out at a distance wider than your shoulder width.

Aerobic capacity: (Replace gas exchange VO2 test)

_____ 12-Minute Run distance covered -

12 min cooper run

By Katie, Georgia & Toby

1 degree of incline required on Treadmill to simulate outdoor running. Not to be tested on individuals who require physicians’ clearance.

_____ FMS Total Score: (Functional Movement Screening)

Quite a few Fit Pros use FMS as a sales tool and obviously to identify some important hings. If you use the FMS be sure to translate what it means to your clients.

Short Client Specific Workout

Take client through a sample workout to give them a feel for what it would be like to work with you. Address specific issues you may have picked up on from the assessment portion while having some fun!

Your Second Appointment

Prepare a simple overview of a periodized program specific to your client according to their goals, motivation and challenges taking into consideration their performance on the assessment protocol.

Review the results of the assessment portion, review their goals for clarity and present their program that maps out issue that need to be address or fixed first. Show them how they will progress and advance with an approximate timeline. Throughout presentation consistently reference both their goals and the needs you have identified from your assessment that they might not have even known about.

The more personalized and specific you can present your program, the easier it is to sell.

Program your client

Put your client on your program and set specific dates to reassess progress. Let the client know that you manage your success by their success. It works best if your client can feel that you are more excited about them reaching their goals than they are. Keep the energy high and enjoy the process. Most importantly … show your clients their progress and do whatever it takes to make that happen. It means everything in building a sustainable and successful business.

Rule #1:

Show up with all your joy and enthusiasm for spreading the fitness love, and be sure to document things for reference in the future. That future reference could be in 4 to 6 weeks... as well as 6 month to 10 years.

When you have data to reference to hold everyone to a level playing field it changes the game! These fundamental approach is consistent among many of the most successful trainers. If you need any assistant in sorting this stuff out for your business, please reach out. This information literally becomes the foundation of your business both in the short and long term. Managing and organizing all of this has never been easier.

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