BodyEvolver Testimonial from our friend Jason

By Mark Aying

Jason has a thriving training business in Ohio

He randomly sent us this Testimonial Video

This dude gets it done! He has two podcasts, wrote a great book (Links below video) and helps his clients lose hundreds of pounds. Literally, and we would know!

Thank you Jason from “Rev Fit” for this BodyEvolver testimonial, it means more than we can express.

New to BodyEvolver? This 2 minute video explains at a high level what we do.

We are excited the system is working for you and your clients!! Thank you.

It means a lot to receive a testimonial video from the people we are honored to serve … and it goes without saying we love seeing the impact you have on your clients and your community. We are all very lucky to have you!

Check him out on Facebook, He posts client success stories virtually daily, literally! Which is very awesome!

Learn more by listening to our interview. ( Link below)

Here is Jason’s PodCast “Revolutionary You!” Here is his interview with Mike D’Angelo. At 8 minutes and 38 second Jason says the one thing most trainers don’t give their clients enough credit for.

Outside of this interview, Jason always shares some very insightful conversations with his other guests. You’ll want to consider subscribing to his PodCast.

… and this is Jason’s book “The Revolution is you!” on Amazon.

As you can see, this gentleman get’s it done! It’s a pleasure to work with passionate Fitness Professionals who have purpose, drive and the desire to positively impact our world.

Hat’s off to you Jason, Thank you for all you do … and it’s a lot!!

There are two types of trainers:

One, sadly works constantly to react to their business and never really makes any progress (because they are stuck in re-action mode and don’t know it)


Two, those who make time to be proactive about their business by making their business respond to them. (These trainers drive their business by leading from the front)

Which one of these two are you?

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