C'est la vie Summer. You were AMAZING !!
By Mike DAngelo

OK, sorry not sorry.

I took the Summer off more or less.

Well, I did get married ... to Tara, my rock, confidant and best friend. After years of love, compassion, deep sharing and parenting ... we got hitched! Pics of the shenanigans are on my Facebook page. Not to mention, Spider-man made a cameo appearance! Check out the link.

Since our honeymoon in Montauk, an awesome little surf town, I have been consuming knowledge and insights that must be shared, for the greater good.

So here goes! There are some in this blog with more to come.

Some very interesting science discoveries, as well as new emerging ways to look at your business. Once you see it, you'll instantly want to implement for the greater good of your clients. (Hint: Protein intake and critical info to help retain clients)


July 21st with our three kids and my Best Man J.T.!

C'est la vie Summer you were amazing, see you next year.

After an incredible Summer and managing subscriber acounts from home, it has been awesome to see so many of you growing your business through the Summer. If you are not a subscriber, we certainly hope your business is booming as well. We have never seen growth at this rate for so many of you. Humans are slowing begining to realize that they need help managing their health and fitness. Our current dysfunctional system has failed 99% of them.

Empowering Your Clients!

People are finally taking things into their own hands. Who better to reach out to, than a quality personal trainer with a track record of success? It is like it is the begining of a dramatic realization that people need to take their health into their own hands. We love it because we all know it's coming!

Tip: Even if you are cranked, be sure to set aside 1 hour a week (YES ONLY 1 HOUR A WEEK) to manage your client database to keep your gamer sharp and forward thinking. Update records, reach out to your peeps, email them through the system.. you know! Be sure to review client files and find any excuse to reach out, even if they are no longer training with you. Simply show them a little love.

We all know how well this works. But when done in an organized way it changes the game. (Click here for more info on how to streamline this process if you do not have ststems in place to automate it. We specialize in the collecting, tracking and managing client info that is critical to short and long term business success in all sectors of the personal training Industry)

This is the fastest, most direct way you can secure your bottom line and stack your schedule consistantly. Set aside that hour! Say Tuesdays at 2pm. You will not regret it. If you are unclear how to do this, check out the videos in the library.

Back to School:

New Science discoveries with Dr. Wayne Westcott. In an upcoming blog, I'll be sharing some new research hot off the presses that we helped with! Including an interview with Dr. Westcott about what we have learned. Then I'll discuss how to impliment this into your fitness business, this easily could resulting in an bump in your bottom line. T he results were amazing considering how simple the format. Very cool stuff.

If you don't know Dr. Westcott, he is a brilliant exercise scientist and my long term hero and icon for his passion. It has been a pleasure for everyone at BodyEvolver (*mostly me) for the honor of working directly with him and his staff on some of this research.

We have some news to share about the effects of protein intake and how it impacts the increase in lean tissue and metabolism ... and what conscious protein intake will have on maintenance as well. Very cool stuff!

I will post the research in the BodyEvolver library, as well as Dr. Westcotts presentation he gave to "Harvard Medical School." Pretty astounding stuff! Be sure to downlaod it and share with clients. This is the kind of stuff that when shared, helps people make smarter, more conscious, choices that lead to a better training results.

End of Summer Quarterly Business Management:

Note to all BE Subscribers ... Now is the time to review all client files for the last 8 months. Keep these clients engaged or else they slip through the cracks.

Look to see:

  1. Who has slipped through the cracks

  2. Review clients by month entered, review goals, motivationa and challenges

  3. Call yourself out on helping them reach their goals

  4. The call them out. This is the fun part, but check yourself first, who dropped the ball, you or them?

Tip: You want the "Quality of Service" you deliver to your clients to be so high that the client would feel like they were cheating on you if they went to anyone else!

The bad news is, if you don't, they just might. So step up your game!! You never know, and you don't want to find out! This is guaranteed to secure your income and opportunity to serve well. All by sharing the love! This is such a simple approach, yet so overlooked.

Call your clients out with compassion and then assist them by delivering the goods and put the hammer down. Set time aside now and do this before more mahem falls upon you. There is no excuse for bad client data management anymore and you know it! Quit screwing around, we have an entire planet to help.

Login / Check Your Reports:

Be sure to update them as you review. The more detail the better. Documenting details about your clients Goals, Motivations and Challenges, the day you meet them, is huge and works as your retention guide to each client. Trust the process and document.

It pays you back huge by keeping this part of your business tight and detail oriented. Who know, fast forward 5 ot 10 years and your quality data will serve you. If you do not document, you are likely to lose the details that matter when connecting with clients and their specific needs. With this information that matyters specifuically to the client, it becomes simple to continue a conversation, rather than trying to start a new one.

We're seeing a seriously awesome correlation between the amount of data you collect on clients and the income you earn. We've always know this to be true, but now we have the science and numbers to back it up. Happy to share with those who inquire and need help, pretty serious stuff to consider. Don't fall asleep at the wheel!

Opportunity Awaits: Entrepreneurial or Employee?

In the Boston / New England area, there are quite a few businesses we work with are in desperate need of new personal trainer talent and want to hire. If you are local to the area, hit me up, happy to point you in the right direction depending upon what road you are contemplating ... I have seen it all, literally, and would love to assist!

Most of you do not live in Boston, that's cool. The point is the Industry if personal training is BOOMING. Shoot me your zip code, we'll look in the database see what studios or franchises may be in your area. Who knows what opportunity is lurking in your neck of the woods.

To those suffering and need insight. Email me back. I'd love to help you as well!

Note To Self:

What gets inspected gets respected. This phrase is used in every business and personal training is no differant. Did you know there is a direct coorelation between re-assessment data and income.

There, Yes, I said it.

It is the truth that is staring many trainers and business owners in the face. So jump on in, the water is great!

Showing clients their fitness results is the most powerful thing you can do to build your business. Success builds upon itself. If you think the rules of client engagement do not apply to you, think again. If your business is not thriving right now ... I'll bet you are not doing this. Clients love it and quite frankly need it. With so many people to train and so few hours in each day, there are hundreds of clients for every personal trainer.


If you think the client doesn't want to be assessed, you are wrong. This roadblock is coming from you, not the client. This may upset some people, but the truth will set you free. In fact, facing the truth is exactly what most client need. Sharing perspective on their reality judgement free and with loving support is exactly what they need. Point out the dysfunction, then direct their energy with your skills. I believe it is your obligation.

When done confidently with every client, it produces results that directly impacts client results and business growth.

Reach out to your peeps, engage, or re-engage them in a meaningful way after reviewing their online file. Email, phone call or text. Anything, it all works. Just let them know you are thinking of them. And I would do so this weekend while they are chillin'. I am sure it would put a smile on their face.

This simple, organized approach, makes your life easy and it results in the rediculous growth we are seeing first handin the system with real clients just like you.

Compassion and Data Rule:

The business of personal training has changed with the advancements in technology designed to make growing your business and managing your life easier.
With so many people to serve, and all the dysfunctional living, your business should be thriving. If it is not, reach out for the greater good of your future and the people you will be serving. I will show you how. Whether studio or club manager, or independant owner, I have your back. Or just ask another brother or sister who we serve.

It is easier than you think.

Peace out,

Mike D'

PS: Dominate and position yourself for long-term success in this Industry. Lots of competition is coming online, so the sooner you get it together the better. Here is a commercial we shot in partnership with Maxx Fitness. You would not believe what has been happening with "The Maxx". Granted they did get a new manager Brian V last year and he is the BOMB! Client data and systems, is the new name of the game.

BodyEvolver - Partners with Maxx Fitness

This is how personal trainers, studios and clubs use BodyEvolver to grow their training business. Systems and technology will help you grow your business the day you begin to use them. Once you see it, you will instantly understand why it work so well. We'll show you how.

Put this to work for your business.

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