Client Intake + Management = Accelerated Growth
By Mike DAngelo

Retention made easy with automatic organization.

This new approach will leave you asking if a better way exists: Client Intake + Management = Accelerated Growth

In the last six months, we have witnessed an amazing correlation between: 1. Increased collection and management of client intake and 2. An increase in monthly training revenue.

The impact on the bottom line is nothing short of astonishing. Let's take 2 case studies as an example:

  • Case Study #1 has resulted in an unprecedented result of “Opening her Training Studio in January 2018” to “No room in her schedule for any more appointments for the third month straight. She is needing to hire trainers to handle the overflow.

  • Case Study # 2 Monthly Training revenue nearly doubled in just 5 months. 72,500 to 139,000 month at our Enterprise level. This was a result of managing simplified company policy, streamlining client intake and basic follow-up. (If you don't have these we have templates. When implimented, growth is inevitable.)

What does this mean to the bigger picture? When we collect client info and manage it in an organized way (Not possible with paper and filing cabinet without wasting massive amounts of time), it bulletproofs your business.

Delivering a quality customer focused experience, wins EVERY time.

Simplifying your capacity to do this with everyone, creates a thriving and exciting enviroment everyone is magnetically attracted too.

This critical aspect of your business is often completely overlooked. When you are not significant to your clients anymore, they cancel. That significance has to do with your personal connectionj to them along with your ability to assist them.

All of this is preventable, and it is available to you now.


In todays world, you must have systems that help you organize and give you a competitive advantage. This helps you help your client win the day! This empowers you to be significant to your clients. This way they are less likely to don't cancel, and even if they do, they come back! This is what we affectionately refer to as:

"Plugging your leaky Bucket."

If client info is managed properly, it results in a steady increase in client retention. When cancelations are cut in more than half, month after month, due to improved customer service and follow-up. This compounds on itself very quickly.

Power of compounding income:

It works a lot like compounding income from the stock market, the only difference is you have a lot more control over your clients success, and that has a direct coorelation to your success. Why? Because when you do it, it shows you care. When clients feel "cared for" they never leave you. We have the platform you need to simplify this overnight.

It's amazing how a little bit of personal information, when strategically referenced overtime, can go such a long way in building rapport with clients resulting in retention. Objective feedback based in reality help clients drop their drama so they can get it done and become the hero by winning the day. You simply guide them.

This motivates them to take more action.

Results + Retention + Referrals


This is the service business: Does anything else matter?

Our mission is to empower personal trainers and coaches to help more people in less time.

New technologies, that are easy to use, can be implimented instantly and learned in less than an hour ...


The way we serve our clients for the short and long haul, has changed due to this age of technology. It makes things easier, just like your mobile phone did to your ability to communicate. This is where you gain strategic growth over your fitness business.


The best way to impact clients:

1st: Seek to understand their goals, motivations, limitations and challenges and "Most Important" document them.

2nd: Collect at least 5 baseline assessments that matter and motivate the client ... and document

3rd: Referance often, drive accountability, reasses and show progress.

Note on #2: The best thing you can do to positiuvely impact someone in the physical nature is to show them a clear reflec tion of the current physical reality and all that comes with it. Help client face reality by showing them reality. This is why tracking objective information (Body composition, movement screening, strngth or endurance assessments, balance ... anything meaningful to you and your client.

This helps empower your clients and puts them in control. This is where your job becomes easier, because you get them fired up and then they run on their own!

When we do this we thrive.

The way it works is … Build your relationship around the achievement of personal goals. The success of those goals becomes part their human experience which has the power to be transformative to their life. Who could ask for a more.

Springboard Effect:


Showing progress to a client, acts like a springboard to help that client achieve even more. That means increased retention. That increase compounds month after month. Which means PT can grow exponentially, without having to make more sales. The simple management of client information and the tracking of progress is the easiest way to stabilize your business.

When your retention skyrockets, your referrals begin to line up. This is how to position you as the go-to trainer or facility in your community.


Platform to empower your clients


If you don't have a platform to help you do this for either yourself, or your business, please reach out. Priceless technology is available. In fact, it is already organized and streamlined for you. All you need to do is plug and play.


Old school is so "Old School". You will never be able to scale paper and pencil. Say "No" to caveman ways. Times have finally changed.

There has never been a better time to be a fitness professional. With so many are in desperate need our help to get healthier. By doing many of the same things you are already doing, you could double and triple your productivity in your business.


Sharing your passion for Fitness is one thing ... Organizing your business for growth is another. I lived that nightmare for a long time.


When you serve your clients well, you instantly accelerate the growth of your business. With so many humans that need our help, let's start by empowering you with a platform designed to simplify your business.

If your ready to take action, email me back, and let’s position you for even more success.

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