Do Your Job
By Mark Aying

I love the city of Boston! Today, the saying “Do your Job!” is ringing clearly.

After spending 24 years on this very block of Boylston St. training thousands of people. To me, this is right in the middle of everything “Boston!”

Today will be no exception. It is early and the city is prepped to celebrate the greatest Superbowl ever. Why? Because the Patriots did one simple thing.


This block of Boylston St is where I have done my job.

Between all the Championship parades for Red Sox, Celtics and Pats, not to mention this is also two blocks from the finish line of the Boston Marathon. On this block I have witnessed all of it.

I remember when I graduated from college in ’94 I said to myself “If I am going to have a career as a personal trainer this is where I need to be”. That was a strategic choice and within a day I had in interview at a great place because my buddy Brenden was a Concierge at the Copley Plaza. (1 block in the other direction)


In the process, I have learned from the incredible people I have had the honor of serving and getting to know … while doing my job! If you focus your attention to delivering results to every single one of your clients you will build an incredibly successful career and help thousands in the process.

Nothing is more important to success than delivering results to your clients… and showing them! (And I am not talking about showing them in the mirror.)

Every trainer could learn from Bill!

It’s your job.


“DO YOUR JOB!” is a famous quote from Bill Belichick (Patriots head coach). Guess what? That is what the Patriots did.

Which make me ask … Are you doing your job? Are you delivering result to client and showing them those results.

It is humbling to have graduated from a full-time passion of personal training to a full time passion of providing tools for trainers to “Do their Job!” After working in the field and putting in the hours and whatever it takes to deliver results to clients I have observed that many trainers do not have the tools needed to be incredibly successful in what they do.

That is why we built BodyEvolver.

I love a Rolling Rally. Particularly here. In the building I’ve spend the last 24 years working to change lives.


Nothing feels better that doing an incredible job with integrity and purpose and they having an opportunity to celebrate.

Like the Patriots … Who did their job!

Getting organized and removing clutter so you can focus on delivering results … is paramount to your career.

If you are a trainer or coach and if you are looking to take your success to a much higher level and want to start accelerating your success in DOING YOUR JOB … I invite you reach out by filling out the form below.

I love what I do, am blessed with amazing business partners and now an online system that simplifies so much of what plagues 9 out of 10 trainers.

Hit me up, I’d love to help.

Oh, and here is the “Facebook Live” I shot of the Rolling Rally. Check what Tom is kissing.