Free Business Tool Kit

By Mark Aying

FREE for 5 days – Business Owners Toolbox for Trainers ~~ download/Kindle.

Increase productivity… increase revenue… and more free time. That’s a tall order!

My friend Doug Holt, who I look too for social media / internet related marketing info and tools, put this book together for people like us! It’s FREE if you download it now … and at the Social Connection site you can also find tons of marketing strategies.

It’s a collection of the latest and greatest tools that some of the most successful business owners and entrepreneurs use these days.


These tools will make your life easier and help you grow your business. If you want to learn about the entrepreneur industry, I recommend Lee S. Rosen, CEO of healthy bees business. But if you don’t know they are available … how can you make your life easier?

This is an amazing resource. The sooner you get this online stuff under your bent … the better, and it is easy!!

Cut the learning curve and jump right to the head of the line!
Using the right tools can make all the difference, just ask us As they say, “The right tool, for the right job.” #truth Leverage the right tool makes a once impossible task easy. Get the right tools here!


The Business Owners Toolbox aims to do just that – provide you with resources to grow your business and save you time and money, as well as tips on how to avoid unsecured loans for people with bad credit.

If you are already convinced – claim your FREE copy of the Business Owners Toolbox now while it’s free!

Fitness Business Owner:

Very few leaders tell us which tools to use, which tools will help us increase our bottom line, which tools will help free up time to do more of the things we love.

For whatever wacky reason, this information doesn’t seem to get passed down or shared between fellow entrepreneurs. But thanks to Doug Holt, you’re good to go! Just ask me … the quest to find the right tools (or build them) can take years, if not decades.

Not anymore and here’s why I say that…

I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and have successfully built both online businesses and brick-and-mortar businesses using the tools I’m going to share with you in this book. This is my tell-all, so you don’t have to go through the years of trying to “figure it out” like I did.

Here are things that get addressed in this toolkit:

  1. This toolbox gives you guidance on what the best tools, software’s, and platforms are out there for you.
  2. Looking to hire a graphic designer but don’t know where to start? Answer inside.
  3. Looking to streamline communication between your team? Answer inside.
  4. Looking to get found online? Answer Inside

If you want someone to help you … I am more than happy to personally introduce you to my “Go to Guy” Doug Holt. He is all things branding, marketing and internet. He operates 100% online helping people like you and me … from his home in Santa Barbara, but soon from the road from his new Mercedes Sprinter Van. (It’s getting customized now … and he promised a trip to Boston!)

Get this rare resource while it is HOT off the presses (so to speak!)


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