FREE Movement Principles from Cook

By Mark Aying

Here are “FREE Movement Principles” from Cook that you need to consider for your clients!

You know, there are incredible people who work in our Industry who bring concepts and ideas to the forefront for all to benefit from. Gray Cook is such a man. (Download his latest document – Gray Cook Movement Principles)

The functional movement screening is well accepted in our Industry and quite frankly it’s awesome. The merit it brings to the training equation is incredible!


Back 20 years ago, no one was talking about this stuff that I knew. As a trainer, you just had to relax, think about human movement and physiology and figure out peoples junk.

Bottom line, the onset of the Functional Movement Screen (which is a reflection of these Movement Principles from Cook) has shifted the focus of many personal trainer to fix movement patterns before loading weight … and so on.

Here’s his latest document I received from Equinox. (Deep Respect for Equinox … they are truly pioneers). In this document, he boils his 10 Movement Principles down to 3. Talk about trying to make it more simple!

The 3 he first describes “are the critical thinking you need to observe, screen, assess, treat and develop movement. The original 10 principles still apply as maxims or action points, so use them when appropriate – but let the simple principles drive everything.” – Cook

Gray Cook Movement Principles – Print this up and read it a few times. Reference it often.

Apply and go help your clients!


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PSS: Wouldn’t it be awesome to have one place online to document all client info, track progress and do things that would take you hours to do by hand, all while removing paperwork and clutter at the same time as organizing all client data for you on a tablet, iPad or laptop? Look no further, such a place exists! I’ll give you one guess!

PSSS: I think that was a run on sentence … (Kaitlin is gonna kill me! HA whatever!)