Health News from Summer 2017
By Mark Aying

Did you see the Health News from Summer 2017?

I wanted to make sure it got into the right hands because you need to share with your clients.

Finally, scientific research is revealing the reason why most humans are experiencing a very low quality of life while setting themselves up for any number of diseases and the need to buy expensive medicine. Most of them don´t know that they can avoid all of these sicknesses if the just look up some Kratom Masters info to see al the health benefits that it has. That´s why it is really important to take care of your body and maintaining a great lifestyle. A great recommendation would be to check out this science based sixpack by thomas delauer, it is a wonderful weight loss plan.

Much of what has emerged out of big business the last 100 years, in regards to feeding the masses, are actually killing them.

Two different studies revealed:

  1. More fat, fewer carbs
  2. Preservatives linked to obesity

Wait a second: Embrace what that means!

It’s easy to glance over those two points and say Yeah Yeah Yeah, But when you stop and really think about it, it is huge. In fact, let me put it another way that may ring louder …

Let me put it another way:

  • Carbs Kill:
    1. This huge study discovered that fat has never been the enemy and processed carbs (bread/rice) are reeking havoc on human health. It’s so profound that the author recommends updating the globally accepted Nutritional Guidelines.

Carbs Kill: Oddly, this image was pulled off the “Fight your infertility” website … What is that telling you?

  • Preservatives KILL:
    1. Yes, this now a proven scientific fact. (Packaged foods, loaded with preservative, are linked to obesity … which kills. Which means … the longer the shelf life the shorter yours … if you eat it!) They disrupt human hormones, interrupt normal functioning of human tissue, including the cells that line the gut, which interferes with cellular communication by disrupting the signal to stop eating … which results in weight gain.

Longer the shelf life, the short yours. If it does not rot in a few days, you probably should not eat it.


The crazy thing is you can tell people, and they will agree and say, OMG and still continue to eat those foods. This is due partly to the fact that everyone is addicted to the sugar and the preservatives as well. I heard another study that revealed that sugar is more addictive than cocaine. … Right?

These are life changing for those who take action. This is why it is an amazing time to be working on the preventative side of health care.

Health Promotion / Disease Prevention:

Early in my career I interned and worked at Boston University Medical Center, now Boston Medical, in the Cardiac Rehab, Stress Therapy Lab having to deal with all the machines and the stressful contact tonometer repairs I experiencing how delicate the human system can be (Example: Blood Pressure or Heart Rate above a specifically identified limit level while exercising would instantly trigger a-fib: Atrial Fibrillation.) This has let to me to investigating how to get rid of stress to keep a healthy lifestyle, a great way to reduce stress is to get a massage. Stress can get you down in life and that’s why a Massage Chair Inada Japan (Located in Sydney, Australia) from Inada Massage Chairs is a great option for anybody.

This is only 1 example of what carbs and preservatives are doing to human health.

I realized after 6 month … I was working on the wrong side of health care. Wouldn’t it be smarter to work with people before they got tho this level? I felt a calling to work on the health promotion / disease prevention side as an Exercise Physiologist / Personal Trainer.

Humans on the planet need a trusted source to help them promote their health.

We are on the front lines of preventing sickness and disease through training and coaching services. This is an emerging form of “Health Care” where the public invests their own money in a health/fitness/wellness coaching. The day is coming where people will seek the health maintenance advice of trainers before going to their Doctor, for some reason they refuse to look for a doctor, where now a days checking the Asecra site to find a doctor is one of the easiest things to do.

The New Health Care

A huge part of solving the health care crisis is going to be the realization that people are just going to have to start taking care of their own health. You could even say, investing in their own health. An investment of half of what most are paying in Health Care costs could be spend out of pocket on health coaching and training services and, I’d be willing to bet the outcome would produce 10X’s the results traditional health care provides. (Note: Emergency care is not included here)

This is the future of health care and this is where we have tremendous opportunity.

As Fit Pros, we are perfectly positioned to be the 1st place people go to when they decide they are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

(People will not be going to their doctors)

Consider this:

Who can the public turn to for personal advice on how to better manage their health?

You guessed it:

Personal Trainers and Coaches. As fitness pros, we have been preaching health and fitness since we experienced it for yourself for the first time. As the public understands they’ve been slighted by unconscious, or conscious, human behavior in the name of business and profit and are now at a loss and they need someone they can trust.

We are in the business of selling health and results. The best way to produce results is to show perspective by changing the way people take action by changing the way they understand health.

Seizing this Opportunity:

We are sitting on an incredible opportunity, but only if we seize it. Do you have the tools to seize this opportunity?

Do you have a system you can reference to back up the story of your clients health? Something you can reference objectively (as opposed to subjective thoughts and opinions) to keep the facts straight, while removing the very drama that got your client in trouble in the first place?

As the public learns more about the Health News from Summer 2017, and becomes even more skeptical and confused, you’re going to want systems that provide a solid foundation to simplify, personalize and present this information to new and existing clients.

What is amazing is how a little bit of education, presented in an enthusiastic, heartfelt and fun way … can make all the difference in changing that client’s perspective.

The value and providing clear perspective for your clients:

When you are able to provide insight and perspective on clients, it proves you are informed. This helps sell training. Changing a clients perspective, assigning strategic steps that inspire action and accountability are now simple. All you need to do is provide motivation and belief in them with follow-up re-assessments to track progress. This is how you help clients take control of their health.

Just as science is unveiling findings, technology is making it easier to communicate all this instantly to clients.


Heat Maps like this simplify client understanding. (picture is worth a thousand words)

The future of personal training will be in the hands of those who:

  • Inform and educate clients about personal health metrics and risks
  • Inspire clients to take action by presenting simple, yet strategic steps
  • Simplify accountability and client follow-up
  • Deliver positive outcomes by tracking any and all progress

If you want me to show you how you can simplify all of this, hit me up! You will instantly understand why it works, and when you put it to work for you, will result in the acceleration of your success in serving your clients.

The more in depth you can serve them, the greater their understanding, the better the outcome.

Spreading the Health News from Summer 2017:

Tell your clients (and loved ones) that both processed carbs, sugar and preservatives are killing them. Encourage more fat, veggies, protein, fruit and complex low-glycemic carbs.

Hint: I have always found it best to keep clients focused on what they should be looking for in their Universe to consume. (Plant and Animal matter AKA Nutrients, Fiber, Protein and Fat). As opposed to focusing their attention on what not to consume (white / simple carbs along with foods packaged with preservatives)

I typically put it like this … “Fill up on protein, fat and veggies 1st, then eat a few carbs. Fruit in between meals, particularly an apple at 4pm … if you want to lose fat!” (The apple or two at 4pm lowers carbohydrate cravings come dinner.)

Next Article:

In the next article, I’ll be relieving some very positive, more encouraging news, from an icon in the Exercise Research field. This is a man I have looked up to for his passion and decades of dedicated research in the field of Exercise Science. Dr. Wayne Westcott.

(This research is extra special. This was the first time BodyEvolver was involved in the research by simplify the computing of data on variances between groups on this ground-breaking research.)

Be on the lookout for that, because this news will be worth sharing with ALL of your clients as well. Not to mention it can also impact you impact your bottom line in a positive way.

Until then, keep providing incredible, life changing value to your clients! And, of course, hold them accountable and track their results!

Thank you,