How to drive Summer business:

By Mike DAngelo

What to do when business is slow


Mid-summer is often the slowest time of year for most health Clubs and personal trainers. This may leave you feeling like you are not in your control, and you are subjected to seasonality (I think I made up that word) and that kind-of stinks. This is particularly true for those who do not have systems in place to ensure summer business does not drop off.

If this sounds familar, here is a proven strategy that always worked for me.

Priority # 1: Deeply focus on the clients you currently are serving. (Text them to remind them to eat clean over the weekend, or to drink more water, remind them you are going to weigh them in!)

Priority # 2: Schedule yourself an hour or so to update every single clients file you have in the system. By updating files with more details of what you remember about each client, makes it so simple to reach out to those clients in a meaningful way in the future as you manage your business over the long haul.


Better Client Management

I just sent an e-mail to a 4 Directors of Personal Training at a few rapidly growing health Clubs. As I was writing it from my gut, I wanted to share this with all of you (whether subscriber or not) because the solution to a problem, often times, is right in front of your face. But, if you don't know to look there, it is sometimes tough to see it.

Here is what we mentioned after looking at the numbers and the data at at least 20 locations ... Some were breaking records, and some were not. Come to find out, it is it all was related to a single common denominator. This is the differance between those that are Proactive about their businmess and those that are Reactive about their business. Proactive is a strategy. Reactive is ... well, running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.

So, are you Proactive or Reactive to your business?

We covered this on our weekly calls with staff. This is what we discovered:

Tip of the YEAR: The more love the clients feel, the better your business. Point being, show the love and compassion for your clients and watch that come back to you X's 10.

1. If things are slowing down because of Summer weather, this provides an opportunity for trainers to dive as deep as we can into delivering client results with the customers we are serving. Let's work to keep their clients focused on the end result with a ton of enthusiasm.

2. Update all client files with current client issues and document what has been accomplished and document specific details notes on all account. These are the things you think you will remember, but as time goes on, trainers forget 85% of a clicnets past history and often miss the mark on clearly identifying the progres they have made. That includes the progress of "getting out of pain", or simple "being more consistant". Often we think that progress means fat loss or strength gain, ... that is important as well, but keep in mind that progres of any kind that is cleasrly documented (so you remember) and they deliberately shown to the client objectively, inspires the client to either continue training, or at the very least keep you "top of mind" for that client. That drastically improves the chance of th3em coming back to you.

3. Set new goals and expections for clients who are currently training. By document the objectives, improve your memory of each every client allowing you to better serve them in a personal way.

4. Re-enforce accountability by deliberately reassessing. This keeps clients engaged.

5. Spell out a reasonable time line and schedule your re-assessments. Get down to brass tacks, set the expectation, boost them with your belief in their ability to achieve it and watch how the excitement of client progress helps sustain and grow your business.

6. Quality of service always wins the day ... No matter what.

This helps the client focus on what needs to happen and keeps them more conscious of the process.

What to do today:

Double down on the clients you have. Update old client records (yes, even if they are not training withy you.) and just for fun, reach out to them with a phone call, text or e-mail. Who knows, maybe come end of Summer, if those former clients feel the love ... they may come back to some training in the Fall.

So start working on that now!

But ... priority #1 when times are slow ... dial in as deep as you can and "over-deliver" on your quality of service and care with your clients that are currently paying your bills.

They will love you for it!

Mike D'

PS: And your business will love you for it too!