Memo for the Operating Officer of your Fitness Business

By Mike DAngelo

Memo to the Operating Officer of your Fitness Business:

The new world of data is changing the game in every Industry, including the one we share. The power of database technology is undeniable and I'd like to share some innovations that are now available to you that have never been available before.

The ability to truly manage the relationship, results and retention side of your training department. This is fitness department management.

If you do not have systems in place to manage this, you end up with constant chaos and not really knowing what is going on with the people your trainers are serving. Unless you speak directly with each trainer who works for you and that is inefficient.


Having systems to ensure “Quality Service” is delivered to every client is easier than you think with these advancements in technology.

The power of organized data for business is the only thing you should be focusing on as the owner and manager of YOUR business. It is the differance between thriving or barely surviving.

The organization and management of client data is the #1 way to accelerate the growth of your business. The personal training Industry and health club market is saturated. You need a competitive advantage to keep your clients engaged.

If you do not have systems in place to help you do this, more than likely you are losing money. In fact this is why most fitness businesses fail. The power of data solves this problem for everyone. There is a good chance you might not know exactly what I am talking about.

The biggest asset of your fitness business ... is PERSONAL?

The biggest asset in your fitness business is your clients personal information. But only if you can manage it over the long haul.

When we manage personal information with precision, it is easy to continue a conversation with clients to keep them engaged in your training program. If you are not carefully examining this, you need to start.

Personal training is the biggest asset to your fitness business. The better equipped you and your personal trainers are at delivering client results, the easier it is for you to manage business growth and client success.

Outstanding Customer Service:

If and when you care exceptionally well; for all of your clients in an organized and strategic way, your business grows instantly. This is particularly the case for personal training and coaching because of the personal nature of the relationship.

The question is … How are you organizing and managing that info so that clients never leave your program?

Trainers and Coaches are naturally great listeners, but because they are human, it is rare they are going to remember the personal things that matter the most to each and every client over the years. And forget it once you are cranked out and extremely busy.

This is where most fitness business owners go wrong. It is the lack of organization and management of client info.

What is your Retention Strategy?

If you are not strategic about this, YOU WILL have a leaky bucket. Plugging that leaky bucket is easy and requires technology. If you are using paper and pen, ... it is time to upgrade. WHY? Because it is not scalable.

If you use excel spreadsheets and or google drive, that is not scalable either.

How are you managing your trainers and their success?

Are your trainers equipped to deliver a quality personalized service everytime ... that you can help manage?

More often than not, the most common theme across the majority of halth clubs is that most owners and managers only have their customers name, address and credit card number. Where is the personal in that?

Imagine if you could manage clients and their health for decades. How would that impact your retention?

All of this is virtually impossible without help from technology. Just think about how computers have changed the world. A lot computer code developed in an easy-to-use interface, when intentionally directed at this amazing feat, works wonders at accelerating the growth of monthly revenue.

Now is the time to explore new and improved ways to manage what matter most to your business.

Client Tracking Platform for your Fitness Business (New Technology)

Serve Clients Exceptionally Well

Simplify accountability and accelerate growth through retention. This system for Fitness Professionals will streamline this in less time automatically. Empower yourself with tools designed to accelerate growth by plugging your leaky bucket, we show you how. Once you see it, you will understand why it works so well.

Consider the basics:

Do you know the personal goals and motivations of each and every one of your customers?

Do you know their issues and challenges?

Are those documented and managed over time?

Are you deliberately and enthusiastically managing clients goals year in and year out?

Holding ourselves accountable for maintaining meaningful conversation with our customers and delivering results should be priority #1.

The goal here is “Whoever helps their clients the most wins.”

SYSTEMS: Save Your-Self Time Energy Money and Stress

New, easy-to-use systems makes this easy. This empowers your team to help more clients in less time, with greater efficiency from anywhere.

Quality of Service will win every time. That critical aspect of your business has never been easier to perform until now. The personal touch makes all the differance.

Shiny Object Syndrome:

Beware of SOS. Shiny Object Syndrome to invest in that will delight customers. The facts are clients are far more interested in the way they are treated as a customer, than what equipment you have in your facility. They want to feel like the most important thing. It costs hardly anything to invest in that.

Then manage it from your fingertips. A little effort in the right area produces exponential results.

(And we have the data to back up that claim)

Do you find this intriguing?

I invite you to opt-in so we can start a conversation and talk about the bigger picture … the one very few are having, but there is no question this is where it needs to go to be competitive. I'd like to show you how you can instantly impact your business by taking control of it in a different, more intuitive way.

Every fitness business is different, and we want to empower you to highlight your uniqueness, delight your customers by engaging with them on a deeper level. You'll need a platform to do that.

Revelations in technology are changing the way the game is played. Everything you need already waiting to be tapped.

This specific and strategic approach empower Operating Officers through the power of data. You'll instantly understand why this is working so well at growing PT revenue through the delivery of a high quality training experience.

This approach impacts the relationships, results and retention for every client and trainer.

Peace on Earth and Fitness for All,



Mike D'Angelo

Exercise Physiologist

Partner @ BodyEvolver