NEW Approach to Client Retention ( right under your nose)
By Mike DAngelo

Is your retention game Spot On?

If your client retention game is 'Spot On" then you know that building a consistently profitable personal training business is not hard. The problem is most trainers and even facilities do not retain clients because the majority of them are not actually showing their customers progress.

When you do this out of the gate, (First 3 months) it gives clients reason to train with you and come back to you for your services for the rest of their lives.

In this "Fitness Retention Podcast" we discuss how to retain clients by simply delivering results. The trick is ... those results need to be objective.

Difference between Subjective feedback (BAD) and Objective feedback (GOOD):

Subjective results are based on the thoughts and opinions ... and not facts. Objective feedback lays out the reality of a situation for an honest perspective based in facts and figures. The intelligence of this approach assists the trainer in removing unnecessary drama the client may be battling with based upon their thoughts and opinions. This objective approach puts everyone on the same level playing field.

(This is why running performance assessments and body comp data on clients is critical)

Relying on subjective feedback (looking in the mirror is subjective feedback) alone keeps client left in dysfunction and does not empower them to step out of the same dysfunction that resulted in them needing the help of a personal trainer.

This is where trainers (and companies that hire personal trainers) can really accelerate growth. The really crazy thing is that very few are looking at this "bulletproof" solution even though that solution is right under the nose of every single personal trainer.

Fitness Retention Podcast Mike D'Angelo BodyEvolver

Client retention is a huge part of trainer success. In this podcast, Alex interviews me (Mike D') from BodyEvolver on tips, tricks and solid advice to retain clients and grow your fitness business.

Click the link to listen to the Podcast:

Alex has interviewed some major players in the "RETENTION" space and I've learned a ton from him in regards to other ways to approach retention.

In this interview I share what I know and have witnessed first hand, and without question, once applied will have tremendous impact on accelerating growth. My professional recommendation is to subscribe to his podcast so you can continue to get nuggets of truth to implement into your business. We are all in this together and if we all share what we know,. we empower each other to help more people and help cure humans on the planet by getting and keeping clients in our programs hopefully for life!

Retention accelerates growth and builds your training practice:

In the next blog I am going to post a facebook live video where I talk about how to build a lifelong "Personal Training Practice". Yes, similar to how a Dr. build a practice of patients. It is possible for trainers to do the exact same thing ... the only HUGE difference if when a personal trainer builds a practice, they actually assist clients on the "preventative side of health care" which is not good for the failing medical Industry. YIPPEE!!

Let's stop pushing for more "sales", and let's start serving our customers in an impactful way that actually helps them.

Peace on Earth and Fitness for ALL!

Mike D'

PS: There are more than enough reason why every trainer and every facility should be thriving. When you step back and run the numbers ... #'s of trainers, #'s of facilities and ##'s of potential customers (majority of humans on the planet) that need our help, you can clearly see the opportunity that awaits all of us.

* * * Oh, and did I mention you could be doing online consulting from the comfort of your home or favorite beach or ski resort?

PSS: You'll want a platform to assist you in organizing client data to better serve your customers so you can retain them for life. If you are ready to take your fitness business to the next level, by leveraging technology to make your life incredibly easy, while accelerating the growth of your fitness business, hit me up. It is easier than you think, just watch testimonial videos here.

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