Nobody is going to tell you this … and for good reason.
By Mike DAngelo

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Written Exclusively for Health Club/Studio Owners and Managers


Nobody is going to tell you this … and for good reason. There are interesting developments in the business of Personal Training that nobody wants to share. These develops work so well, if your knew about them, you’d be growing your business much faster. Possibly resulting in a magnetic attraction to your fitness business. Turns out, fancy marketing and new gadgets do not deliver long-term business growth. But you know what does?

What delivers the best long term growth to a fitness business in less time?

Quality Service.

I am talking service, of such high quality, nobody would walk away from. This is how you WIN at this game. With all the competition, you want your clients to be so loyal to you, they would feel like they were cheating on you if they saught help elsewhere!

Using this integrated system ... imagine this: In just one case study example, monthly billing for training services went from 70,341 to 110,786 in just 5 month. This was done with the same amount of traffic going through the doors as before. Yes, I can show you the proof, just ask when we speak. Imagine what that growth would mean?

Even better, imagine having complete control of every aspect of that process?

Growth like this is not difficult to achieve when you implement strategic solutions designed to deliver these results. It doesn't have to cost a lot of money either.

Are you searching for a better way to serve your clients, grow your program and protect your bottom line for the long haul? … I invite you to opt-in below. I will show you how you can empower yourself and your team virtually overnight without needing to waste resources. Let's face it, new certifications or equipment does not grow your business.

There is a whole new world out there, and the only way to dominate is to provide a service people love. You can’t solve today's problems with yesterday solutions. That being said, action is required.

Our Industry is changing. Clients have more options than ever before.

If you and your team are not engaging, inspiring, motivation and delivering quality service, your clients will find someone who does. (Either in person or online) Fact: If the quality of service your staff is deliver isn’t organized, streamlined, embedded with quality control, it isn’t of high-quality … and as a result, you’re going to continue to struggle. This is a new approach to serving clients and growing your training business has never been available before. Once I show you, you will agree. We’ll dive into the details of how it works and why it works to well.

Accelerated growth could start this week, but action must be taken.

Trainers and managers, in the know, are accelerating their growth at a clip few can keep up with. In fact, some have needed to implement a waiting list due to “lack of availability.” But guess what? They don't want you know.

If you did, they would have it so easy.

Bottom Line:

If you are frustrated and at a loss for how best to move your business into the future, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. I’m opening a door to those willing to walk through looking for a solution. (You can always turn around and walk out, but I don’t think you will if you understand what we are talking about.) Short term 57% increase in retention month to month. Long term: 64% increase in returning customers.

No Marketing Required

We will simply start with the clients you already have, implemented the system that will step it through for you and all you have to do is manage it The decisions you make everyday have direct impact on your future. If your questioning how to move forward but are at a loss for a solution, keep reading, then opt-in.

Action is needed.

You can't just keep asking the question and throwing your hands up. You now need to take action on finding an answer. Personal training is about making a difference in the lives of the people we serve. When we serve well, the money follows. Whether you’re an owner of 1 or many facilities, or a managing … Delivering an exceptional service as the best way to build your training business.

I am going to show you this approach that is working incredibly well. Fill in the form below and let’s get to work.

This is not complicated. Its impact is profound. The sooner action is taken the faster we can accelerate your results.


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Together, we'll make your fitness business significantly better.

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