Personal VS Ignorant Trainer

By Mike DAngelo

It's amazing how much opportunity there is to be successful in our Personal Training Industry, yet so few are experiencing that success. Most trainers fail, not because the do not give great workouts, but because their approach needs some simple adjusting.

Other than the obvious collecting and tracking of client data ... many trainers fail at making themselves approachable to potential training clients. Here are a few tips that speak to how you can impact everyone around you. After the video, I plugged in a few more serious considerations.

Here is a quick 5 minute video that goes into simple ways to expand your influence and approachability on the gym floor and inside your facility.

Personal Trainer VS Ignorant Trainer (BodyEvolver)

In this video, I explain aspect of the personal training "Business" that few talk about. These are the inital simple steps you can take today to Fire-Up your building the "Know, Like and Trust Factor" and positively impact everyone around you. These are some simple tips you can implement today ... and of course collect personal client information and health metrics to track progress.

Outside of these basic tips that work like "Hot Cakes" in building the "Know, Like and Trust Factor", it is also critical in todays competitive market to leverage technology to simplify client organization and to streamline your success by simplifying your approach. Running your training business like a well oiled machine is the only option these days for short and long term success.

Advancements in Technology make this instantly available.

As you probably already know, you could easily double training sales in 4 months by implimenting proven policies into your client onboarding process. If you are unaware of how to do this and your a subscriber, we need to talk ... like now!

If you are not a subscriber and happened upon this Blog, I invite you to opt-in for more info. There is no time to be sleeping on the switch of success with all these humans on the planet that need our help!

Trainers Unite!

Mike D'

PS: On a side note, we are learning incredible things about how to manage client outcomes that instantly impact both sales and retention. If you have not taken a deep dive into this, respond to this email and I'll send you some info. With all the Billions of people who need our help, there is no reason for any personal trainer not to succeed!

PSS: These things we are learning are from over 100,000 client records we help facilities and trainers manage. We are seeing first hand what is ACTUALLY working! It is so cool!

PSS: Peace on Earth, Fitness for ALL! #BodyEvolver #we're_here_for_you!