Should I laugh or cry?

By Reynaldo Lacdoo

Whenever I hear individuals or companies say “Oh no, we don't assess clients. Our clients don’t like that and we don't want them to feel bad.” I find myself stuck between wanting to both laugh and cry for them. Fitness Professionals today need a show their value. Some of you reading this, probably do assess your clients. Quite a few of your do not re-assess as deliberately as you could. Your Competitive Advantage is Delivering Results ... you can build your business on this alone. But sadly, many don't know what they don’t know. The comfort zone of choosing not to take assessing as a simple and critical part of the process results in a lack of opportunity for all. All of you know something about what I am about to discuss. The question is: Where are you on the spectrum? If you have read this far, thank you! I know many of you are exceptional at what you do, and it’s is an honor to know you. Thank you. But for those of you who are struggling with their business ... read on. Read the Blog Here!