TEAM Training and Continuing Education
By Mark Aying

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1. TEAM Training and Continuing Education with Eric Beard from LifeFitness with our friends at The MAXX!! (AKA Maxx Fitness Franchise)

2. Next Workshop Jill is holding in Kansas Nov 11th.

3. FREE “Group Training Profits” packet, to help accelerate the growth of your business.


For whatever reason, the first part of this post feels like a “What I did on one of my Summer vacation!” post!

Well, that’s because it’s literally what I did on one of my planned vacation days.

I love fitness, … and I owe my life’s work to Confucius. I am grateful I embraced this statement when I was 18…

“He who finds work that he loves, will never work a day in his life.” Confucius

Last week, I went to a Team Training seminar with a few Managers, Directors and Trainers we’ve been working with over the last few month from Maxx Fitness.

I’ve gotten to know these fine peeps by working with them to increase training revenue, sales and results by systematizing and centralize how they collect and track their client results using BodyEvolver. It seams crazy that all this can be done efficiently over the internet, but “them’s the facts!”

Yet, at the same time, nothing beats shoulder-to-shoulder time with like-minded brothers and sisters!


Fun Stuff!

Maxx Fitness has an incredible “TEAM Training” program the offering for their members. They have invested in all the usual toys for the sandbox including this LifeFitness Synrgy360, inthetoybox has some useful ideas to keep the kids busy while your get your fitness on as well. This do-hicky packs a pretty serious multi-level, multi-function punch that makes group or team training simple, fun and interactive.


Eric Beard … Trainer of trainers … working it! Notice the Synrgy360 behind him.

So Maxx pulls out all the stops with LifeFitness consultant Eric Beard. Eric is a naturally born trainer … and trainer of trainers. His passion literally “Springs from the Eternal” through his face! We talked about all the difference stations and exercises complete with progressions and regressions.

TEAM Training and Continuing Education:

These experiences for staff are critical to the continues improvement of the training experience which equates to the growth of your company … or the growth of you as a trainer! Keeping people safe is priority #1, and when working with small groups, that can be tough duty if you don’t know a client well enough, so being able to keep people safe from injury while exercising in a non-personal environment is important.


This is Mr Wilson. Clients beware

Continuing Education for trainers is critical. Not only is it important to learn some new moves and enhance your education, but it’s always great to get in the same room and feed off the energy and build community with your community of trainers.


Anthony from the Lincoln RI location working the heavy double shoulder straps for jump squats

Maxx is working to develop their training department to run like a personalized client assembly line, and it is proving to work wonders on client retention. By truly serving their clients needs with bullet-proof follow up on the attainment and tracking of their goals, we are finding it impacts every aspect of the training process. As we know, accountability is huge. In fact, it’s so huge that if you don’t hold client accountable and then track results and show them those results … you will struggle as a trainer to truly build a sustainable and profitable business.


Angela, committed to the Maxx mission!

The better you are at client retention, the less you need to worry about continuous sales sales sales…. Retention is easy when it’s done correctly.

And that’s what I did on my Summer Vacation!

Looking for a career as a Fit Pro?

The Maxx is growing fast and hiring trainers who are looking for a solid career as a Fit Pro with their progressive company. Hit me up if you are interested.

Want to buy into a growing Fitness Franchise?

What makes “The Maxx” so progressive is they’re leveraging technology to simplify and streamline their ability to serve and impact their clients with precision. Shoot me an e-mail back and I’ll put you in touch with the powers that be.

BodyEvolver is honored to serve people and companies that pay attention to details, because the growth of any company is in what you do with the details. We can show you how.


#2: Next Up!

Awesome workshop in Kansas … that we are honored to be the VIP Sponsor:

When considering trainer education workshops, I highly recommend Excel Continuing Education in Kansas City., Our friend, and long time BodyEvolver subscriber, Jill Stoppel-Davis hold some of the best training available for trainers anywhere. The next event I know I will be attending will be in Kansas Nov 10th and 11th. It will be an insightful workshop on “Barefoot Training” by bringing in Emily Splichal from the Barefoot Institute of Technology.

Jill calls in the big guns every time.

Mark Your Calendar for November 11th. If you are looking for a high-quality educational experience consider taking a trip to Kansas. It is always a fun time with highly qualified and truly vetted professionals.

This is Jill’s e-mail she just sent out to her list.

Check it out below: This is what Jill had to say

Don’t you just love learning new things that will help you and your clients? I know I do, especially if it’s easy to digest and implement!
I’m enjoying some quiet time this Sunday afternoon going through my next presenter, Dr. Emily Splihcal’s Youtube channel. Have you checked out EBFAFitness on Youtube yet? I recommend you give it a look, her videos are quick and easy to understand.
The video I’ve featured is Dr. Emily explaining how to introduce barefoot body tension to your training and why. This is one topic we will be exploring when Emily visits Excel this Fall!
If you have clients dealing with ACL injuries, low back pain, ankle instability, SI joint dysfunction, hip labral injuries OR you’d like to learn how barefoot science can help you prevent hip, knee and foot injuries this workshop is for YOU, but also make sure to check the website made by pompano beach web design to find the best physical therapist that will assist you!
I hope you’ll join us on November 10th and/or 11th for Barefoot Training Specialist Level 1 CERTIFICATION AND/OR Movement from the Ground Up: Barefoot Training.
Read on for all of the details on this EXCITING new course coming to Excel! FULL DETAILS HERE.
EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION IS ENDING SOON…ON FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8TH… Please call 913-498-1535 with any questions that you have, or for group rates! I look forward to seeing many of you in November!

Jill Stoppel-Davis

Excel Wellness Continuing Education

PS: Please note that you DO NOT have to train your clients barefoot to attend this course. You will leave with new tools for movement prep, injury prevention, corrective exercise, footwear selection and how to focus your training from the ground up!

A little verbal cuing goes a long way. Try this now.

Mike here …

You might not want to miss out on this one. I saw Emily speak a few years ago and she is a very solid presenter. When you watch the above video … stand up and follow along.
This is an example of great step-by-step communication while engaging the listener, holding their attention and teaching them step-by-step how to neurologically connect with their tissues.
Try this, but be careful, it might burn!
Talk soon!


And as promised: #3

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