The Decline of Human Health
By Denessa Bacallan

The Decline of Human Health

Understanding the coorelation between blood pH and disease is incredibly simple. Let me share what I am learning.

Human health is in massive decline for good reason. If you are not familiar with the material in this article, consider it a wake-up call.

If every Fitness Professional understood this and communicated it to every training client ... we would accelerate improvements in health and decrease disease instantly.

The majority of the food and marketing Industries are literally, consciously and unconsciously, poisoning humans. That is why human health is in massive decline.

Unfortunately, that means everyone is a victim here and few understand where to turn. Most Doctors do not understand this, and I have trained plenty in Boston, many of who have or are suffered the same plight in regards to their personal health as the rest of the world.

As Fitness Professionals, we have the unique opportunity and obligation to educate ourselves and then our clients. This article discusses the importance of being conscious of the food we consume based upon the impact they have on our physiology. (In this case ph levels of human blood)

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This article by Phil Maffetone is the cleanest explanation on the Acid-Alkaline Issue. This elegantly writen article explains the bigger picture without saying too much to confuse, nor while trying to sell you anything.

Read Phil Maffetone's article here.

A Quick Science Lesson from the Khan Academy

For a little credibility and scientific explanation of the pH scale ... I wanted to share this video from the Khan Academy which educates from a different angle. ( The video does not explain it in regards to food consumption and how it impacts human health)

The video helps to describes this balancing act and how the body responds to keep pH levels at optimal levels. While this video can get into the weeds about the system buffering itself ... keep in mind this ... the easiest way to avoid disease is the keep your system in balance. It's not complicated. That brings us back the the article mentioned above.

Re-read Phils article again and let it seep in. It is a really big deal. A little info, if shared, can go a long way.

View the Video on acids, bases and pH click here.

It is truly a balance in process, at all times. Every decision you make in regards to consumption has a direct correlastion with that balance.

The bottom line is this!

It's incredibly easy to have life changing impact on clients when you provide missing insight and enthusiasm for their health. It feeds personal motivation and behavior change that impacts lives forever.

When you share information in an easy to understand way, it changes the game. It makes it fun for everyone, and everyone wins!

Learn it and share it for the greater good!


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