THESE Results ARE Typical ~ NEW ~ Scientific Research
By Mike DAngelo

New Research: Weight Loss ... and Maintenance of Weight Loss

In this blog you will learn about 2 published research studies every personal training and health club owner should know.


1. During the 6 Month Weight Loss Study:

  • 1,269 pounds of fat was lost

  • 279 pounds of muscle gained

2. The following 9 Month Weight Maintenance Study:

  • The progress continued

  • Remarkable

Who, What, Where, When, How:

Dr. Westcott is an exercise science icon and one of my personal heroes in this Industry.

His life’s work has been nothing short of massive when you consider 30 plus years of dedicated research, quite a few books, a lifetime of published research, tons of articles and tens of thousands of questions answered. I can guarantee if you know anything about fitness and resistance training, Dr. Westcott’s work has been a large part of what you've learned, including what you studied when you got certified.


And if you think Dr. Westcott is great, you should meet his wife!!! She literally is a beam of light!


This is his latest research that we, at BodyEvolver, had the honor and privilege to assist. This research was recently published in the Journal of Clinical Exercise Physiology and the Journal of Exercise Physiology. The walk away from this research is that protein intake (whether vegan, vegetarian or other) is pretty critical for a few reasons:

  1. Daily protein shake decreases loss of lean tissue when dropping fat.

  2. Aids in recovery of stimulated muscles resulting in a statistically significant increase in lean tissue.

  3. Assists in structuring of daily food intake simplifying a healthy approach to daily nutrition for the average human.

  4. Behavior modufication of scheduled nutritional intake subsides appetite and reduces low quality food consumption.

  5. In the video we discuss the details and what it means for you, your clients and your business.

1+ year study explained in 24 minutes

THESE Results ARE Typical (New Exercise Research)

This is how to help personal training clients Lose More Fat / Gain More Muscle in 6 months scientifically

... and how to maintain those results afterwards

Results, Retention and Referrals

Doing this with every client empowers your business in so many ways. Knowing the starting, middle and end points makes all the differance and are critical. Being grounded in reality, by looking at the facts, snaps most people out of their dysfunctional perspectives and behaviors faster than any other know method.

... Why? Because it positions us for the most imprtant part ... the Accountability Factor! HA!!!

The Future Is Here:

People everywhere are begining to realize a few things:

1. They are in charge of managing their health. (Health Care has failed everyone, along with the food industry)

2. They need to clean up their lifestyle behaviors around eating and movement.

3. They need a trusted source to help them. (This is where the personal training Industry comes in)


When you collect and track client information with the intention of added the benefit of long term health maintenance, aloing with personal training services, this instantly begins to grow your business. We make that easy for you. The organization of client data is critical to short and long term success.

We have no supplements to sell you, that is NOT our business. So you are on your own! (NOTE: Do not overlook selling supplements to your clients. If you are a clients, do not overlook purchasing supplements through your trusted Fitness Professional.


Results like this drive retention.

Make Every Client A Hero As They Reach Their Goals

We simply assist in supporting the effort consciously. This is about them, not about us. The more we focus on them and serve them a high quality training experience, this anchors people into your program ... and sometimes for life.

With so much distrust and confusion that is out there in regards to managing ones health, many are awakening to the uncomfortable facts that the majority of the planet has been slighted by the current collective consciousness of humanity in the name of business and profit. The majority of people investing their own money into training and coaching need someone they can trust.

We are in the business of delivering health and fitness results. Our clients are paying for us to do so.

5 Steps That Produce the Most Consistent Results:

  1. Show clients their facts by collecting baseline information from which to educate them. (Collect Body Comp and Physical Assessment Data.)

  2. Use that personalized information to shed light and help them make behavior change. (Thoughts and opinions not necessarily based in reality, so get the facts)

  3. Support and encourage clients in whatever way is needed for them to make change and commit to strategic and easy behavior change for the greater good of their health. (Empower them with your support and compassion)

  4. Hold yourself accountable to delivering client results as if your life depended on it, then reassess. (Because your success depends upon it.)

  5. Repeat

Specific System to help you with this?

Most fitness business owners are not equipt to do this effiently and effectively. If this sounds like you, I invite you to opt-in for more information to discover if BodyEvolver is right for you.

Having access to the power this gives you changes the game. We are in the busines of helpiung our clients manage their health, so let's get down to brass tacks. Objective feedback is the only way to produce consistant results. The secret is ... it removes the very drama that got your client in trouble in the first place.

As the public learns more, and becomes even more skeptical, you’re going to need a solid foundation you can lean on. Having the power of science and client data at your fingertips, changes your game in the "qualty of service" you provide. We empower personal trainers every day, with every client. After 14 years of simplifying this for so many fitness professionals, cutting edge health clubs and franchise who are truly delivering results to clients that can be seen and heard. This builds your business.

Hobbies Go - Because this is not work!

It has been a pleasure to work with Dr. Westcott and his fantastic team on this research. Definitely a dream come true for me. Yet, this dream has little to do with me and everything to do with a passion for spreading the love of fitness for the greater good.


Team Research: Rita, Scott, Wayne, myself, Bob and Samantha

I have found to be the best way to cut through client issues and get down the the fact quickly and efficiently. This helps you get better results, faster, enabling you to help more people in less time. The more people we all help, the more everybody wins.

Special Thanks to Shaklee Nutrition for providing their products for the study. We have no supplements to sell you, so you are on your own! You should be offering this as a value add to your clients. If you need advice just ask. We are not affiliated with any supplement company, but am happy to connect you one if you need a trusted source to ask. We can put you in contact with any company you want that is right for your clients and your business.

What we do for you:

BodyEvolver specifically designed to do all of this and more with each one of your clients. This saves you time, keeps you organized, streamlines your process, all from on online portal available anywhere. Not to mention all the other things built into the system waiting for you to impliment instantly into your business.


  • Mobile friendly Online portal for your clients

  • Post programs

  • Provide nutritional consultations with out a special certification.

  • Organization of client data that is critical to short and long term success.

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What is amazing is how a little bit of education and personal information, presented in an enthusiastic and heartfelt way, can make all the difference in changing that client’s perspective. Just as science is unveiling findings, technology is making it easier to communicate this directly to the client.

An honor and a privledge,

Mike D'

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PS: The future of personal training belongs to those who deliver health and progress to the individuals they serve.