Two guys walk into a Dive Bar in Kansas City …
By Mark Aying

Here’s how it all went down.

This short story starts with a killer workshop and ends with my friend Chris wailing on his harmonica at a dive bar on “Open Night Mic”.

( Epic Video as proof )

Dinner on Friday night. I didn’t know the best Italian Restaurants in Boston are actually in Kansas City!

Every 6 months …


… we fly to Kansas City to sponsor of Excel Continuing Education Seminar s put on by Jill Stoppel-Davis.

Evan Osar sharing what he knows with passion and enthusiasm.

This is everyone at dinner Friday night before the event. The event was Evan Osar: Corrective and Progressive Exercise for The Baby Boomer and Senior. A very insightful approach to a subject many of us deal with … clients with back pain. Evan presented with the kind of enthusiasm that keeps your attention while blowing your mind.


It was great to gain a better understanding of why my back sometimes feels tweaky. It was great info on how you should engage and breathe into your core consciously.

Even as I stand writing this, I am engaging my core with more insight. I love it.

Jill from Excel Continuing Education and her new bundle of joy, Jace!

Awesome Education for Trainers


Jill, being a studio owner and serious fit pro in the mid-west, noticed that trainers can on either the East or West Coast. Jill decided to change all that by creating Excel Continuing Education at Excel Wellness Studios.

She brings in incredibly talented leaders in our field, right to the middle of the country so everyone on the coasts will have an excuse to fly to Kansas, eat incredible barbecue (or Italian!) , gain some insight and have a good time!

Jill’s passion for bringing high-quality education to trainers in the Mid-West is appreciated by many! Oh, and she just had a baby. She really does do it all!



Jenn, Amanda and Chris. I’m starting to get used to going to these events!

This is Chris Severs (AKA – Anchor Point Training dude and Harmonica Guru), Jenn Lorman and Amanda Mittleman.

Chris and I’ve been “making friends” since meeting at one of Jill’s events. He developed an incredibly insightful strap system for use anywhere called “Anchor Point Training”

Amanda Mittleman with her sequined, blinged out Mo-Mentum Fitness Logo! It’s no mistake her logo depicts the Wonder Woman persona she embodies.

It is always great to connect with other fit pros diligently working to help make a difference in the lives of those we serve. One of those people is the one and only “Wonder Woman” of Fitness, Todd Durkin Mastermind Trainer of the Year and, as of recently, Author… Amanda Mittleman from Mo-Mentum Fitness in Huntington Beach CA. I’ve been working with Amanda for years but met her face to face for the first time on this trip! She just co-authored a book about “Living Strong”

And my new friend Jenn Lormand has an incredible Mommy Movement Program and is helping trainers better help their Mommy clients!

After the event:


We finish the day and everyone’s exhausted. Chris and I decide to get a bite to eat. Then he says: “Hey there’s an open mic night in downtown Kansas City I want to see if I can jam on my harmonicas.”

It’s been a long day, it’s raining cats and dogs, the rent-a-car is fogging up and we’re trying to follow Google Maps. Oddly, we find parking right around the corner in which we had to hurdle Rivers from the torrential down pour.

Our Bartender named Caitlyn … I think?

We snag a beer from the bartender whose name might have been Caitlyn … (yeah). We head to the stage in the back room where there’s nobody on the list for the open mic but there’s a band playing with about 15 people in the room.

We hang out for a bit and Chris states: “These guys are tight” Meaning they play well together. Which apparently matters!

Just as this band is about to finish up, Chris rushes the stage and asks if them if they could provide a little back up. The dudes were totally chill, said “Yeah sure!” Chris recommended a few basic chords … and 1 minute later this happened …

My favorite part is at the 55 second mark. Chris kills it!

What seemed like out of nowhere … Chris seriously delivered. Mad props brother! That has been filed away in the “Life’s Epic Moments” memory bank.

The jam session ended with Chris inviting those dudes out to California if they ever wanted to jam again. That was it, 20 minutes later it was all over and back to Boston for me. What a great way to wrap up yet another awesome weekend in KS!

Maybe I’ll see you at Jill’s next event on Nov 11th. It’s called “Movement from the Ground Up: Barefoot Training” with Dr. Emily Splichal. I have seen a one hour workshop with Emily in Providence RI and it was eye-opening. Can’t wait to see what we learn in an entire day!

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Hit Chris Severs up here to learn more about Anchor Point Training. We are loving his #solid equipment for anywhere!

To learn about Evan Osar and his Fitness Education Seminars here.

To check out Amanda’s story in the book “Strong Living” Check out the Facebook page.

Check out Jenn’s Mommy Movement System go here!


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