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The  Future  Health  Of  Humanity  Will  Be  Driven  By  Passionate   People  Who  Are  Confidently  Equipped  With  Intelligent  Technology

who we are

Born in Boston

BodyEvolver was spawn from a love of fitness and training, combined with a concern for human health and a passion for technology.  Our mission is to provide intelligent technology for the advancement of human wellness.

Meet The Management Team

BodyEvolver is led by two Fitness Professionals and one strategic database visionary. Friends since the mid-nineties, they've come together to make their dreams of positively impacting Health and Wellness a reality.

Mike D’Angelo

Exercise Physiologist & BodyEvolver Partner

After almost 3 decades of success in the fitness industry, Mike is a Fitness Professional in every sense of the term. D’Angelo holds a degree in Exercise Science, is certified through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and is a master trainer.

A native of Boston, he was an internationally ranked natural bodybuilder and an endorsed contract model/spokesperson for a handful of well-respected fitness companies. D'Angelo a holder of Pro status from "ESPN’s MuscleMania/Fitness America" was a multiple winner of the "Natural USA Bodybuilding Competition". Mike expertise in body sculpting know-how, awarded him multiple years as "Boston's Best Trainer". 

Most importantly, to his clients, he’s a fitness professional passionate about maintaining – and teaching others to attain and maintain – a healthy, balanced life through sound exercise, nutrition and lifestyle programs.

His passion sparked the developed of BodyEvolver. This cutting-edge software is quickly getting recognized as the most effective, efficient system for fitness professionals to accelerate success by focusing on serving the needs of clients. Progress and results equal retention and referrals.

Mike loves to learn, practice and then share is experiences in the health and fitness space. His joy and enthusiasm for the science of exercise is never ending.   

... and now much of Mike family is intimately involved with the "family business".   ;-) 


J.T. Barnett

Chief Technology Officer & BodyEvolver Partner

J.T. is the man behind the technological magic of BodyEvolver. Barnett brings way more than a quarter century of experience as a progressive force in Information Technology and Database Design. During his career he has supported major international financial institutions in both architecture and operations. 

Throughout his career he has pioneered new technology and product design. All of the above were the perfect lead-up to his work creating BodyEvolver.  He has pushed the envelope of "fitness management technology" to include new calculations, database management, and communication systems that create an entirely cutting-edge training platform. 

J.T.'s magical powers are database design and learning any coding language necessary to make our Internet magic happen . He's the BOMB!

Joan Lindley

Project Manager, Fitness Enthusiast and Former Fitness Professional

Joan Lindley has more the 28 years in the fitness industry, is a certified trainer and holds a degree in Business.  Needless to say, she is passionate about Health and Wellness. A native of Michigan, Joan moved to Boston in the nineties and lived there until 2006. She moves to San Diego, (where she loves the rain ;-) to open Sweat Personal Training and project management. 

Joan is an avid endurance athlete who has competed in multiple marathons, Half Iron-mans and 1 Iron-man. Recently, she completed her first Ultra-Marathon in the Laguna mountains. She was awarded "Best Group Fitness Instructor" by The Improper Bostonian and in 2009 was awarded "Best Personal Trainer" by San Diego Metropolitan magazine. 

Joanie's magical powers are in managing large scale IT projects for many fortunate 500 companies. Her experience uniquely qualifies her to help make BodyEvolver the best tool on the planet for Fitness Professionals ... and we love her!