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BEST OF BOSTON 2018 Best Fitness Club


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Travis Barnes Journey Fitness Franchise


Linda from Los Angeles Using BE since 2009!

Nicole getting ready for her wedding!

Brendan – Union

Amanda Mittleman Mo-Mentum Fitness

See BodyEvolver PT Pro in action as we take 3 office mates through a typical application of our revolutionary software system.

Jason from Ohio:

How BodyEvolver works with Sarah:

Chi Bang – Trainer 20 years!

— Jill Stoppel-Davis, Excel Wellness Studio, Kansas

“If you are running any kind of personal training business BodyEvolver will streamline it. It’s a must for staying on top of client progress and presenting yourself Professionally.

Clients love being able to see progress in a professional way. Streamlined and efficient.” 

— Larry Indiviglia – San Diego

“If you’re a Fitness Professional, BodyEvolver is not a nice to have anymore. It is a requirement.”

— Michelle DiCarlo, North Carolina

“I love the birthday report and how the system keeps track of how many times someone has had their body comp done. Clients love, love, love it. A lot of clients had never had a body comp done. Once they have they want to have it done again! Totally worth it!”

Managing Client Results Just got easier 

When you Bring joy,  enthusiasm and  fun into client accountability
It accelerates the growth of your fitness business